Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hudson Landing

Amazing animation gives you a real sense of what happened in those few minutes!

Fighter Pilot of Old

Anybody out there old enough to remember this commercial? Actually, I thought "real aviators" smoked Camels!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Aviation Dictionary

Dick Strouse sent a long list of interesting aviation sites to Dick Hanson. I posted them on a new page of The C-133 Project site. Go to
and click on Aviation Dictionary or go directly to

Cal Taylor

C-133 Film

Greg Sheffer, who is the main photographer of 61999 in AK and CA, is producing something much broader than simply a disc on the move from Anchorage to Travis. As he puts it, "The C-133 grows on a person." He intends to do something that can be sold to a network--Discovery, Wings, History--etc. It will include more about the C-133 history and operations in the USAF, as well as in AK. We are trying to track down the producer of the 1999 tape of Alaska operations. Someone has some 8mm of missile loading. I have lots of stills. If anyone else has movies of any sort, please let me or Greg Sheffer know. He is at The product will take some time, but should be really good.

Cal Taylor