Friday, July 27, 2007

Book of the Month

Recommended reading from Rick Spencer:

The Vietnam War, 1954-1965
Mark Moyar, Ph.D.

Mark Moyar, Associate Professor at the U.S. Marine Corps University, hasauthored a most remarkable history of the Vietnam War, Triumph Forsaken. Most crewmembers that read this site have an abiding interest in that intervention. The C-133 had a major supply role beginning early in the War; so early, that after returning from a trip one was often asked, "Where is Saigon?" It was not long before every American knew that answer.

As you read Triumph Forsaken, you will live it. The memories of personal involvement with Vietnam and the C-133 will once again be vivid. You will savor each page as Moyar tells a story contrary to that promulgated by the theology of past authors who purport that Vietnam "was a war-mongering plot crafted by policy makers and soldiers." He tells this different story with the clarity and accuracy that many readers experienced. During his research, Dr, Moyar was granted access to much new material from both American and Communist archives that provided detailed accounts of the political and military battles at home and abroad. Open to any page of Triumph Forsaken and one is provided with in-depth analysis that regularly takes an axe to many of the beliefs still commonly held by the Left.

Triumph Forsaken began as a single volume history that has been expanded to two volumes, with the second due out soon. In reading, one will find compelling evidential blame about those who acted without regard for the truth in order to enhance their own political and personal agenda. Moyar's examples of such prevarication by the major news journalists, Ambassador Lodge, and Presidents Kennedy and Johnson, are abundant. That turns out to be one of the saddest commentaries for the Country and for those who served during that period. Additionally, Triumph Forsaken serves as an outstandingly good mirror for the present Iraq and Afghanistan War that is confronting global terrorism on its home turf. In that regard one reviewer, MG Scales, opines that it paints a picture that is clear: "Iraq and other related post 9/11 conflicts will require perseverance, resources, and resolve."

I have thoroughly enjoyed reading this well researched, enlightened history of Vietnam and I hope you will as well!

To find out more about this book, and how to buy it for $16.63, click on: Triumph Forsaken

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