Thursday, February 5, 2009

Keynes vs Hayek

Our dedicated "book reviewer" Rick Spencer offers the following current Comment relating to a review he did on this blog back in December, 07 (click here to refer back to the original review):

In Dec 07 I reviewed Hayek's 50th Anniversary edition of The Road To Serfdom. In it, Hayek offered good reason to be skeptical of government actions that encroached upon an individual's personal or economic freedoms. Dick Armey, in the WSJ 4 Feb 09 edition, has authored an article offering the reader a most cogent explanation of Keynes vs. Hayek. For those wanting to understand the difference between these two opposing economic views, this is it. It is especially important as Keynesian economics is at the root of the proposed stimulus bill. Read and decide! Here it is (click on the red title):

Washington Could Use Less Keynes and More Hayek
The late Austrian economist offered good reasons to be skeptical of government action.

Rick Spencer

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Anonymous said...

Go here if you like Hayek. It is an online course by the Mises Institute. RickSpencer