Monday, May 23, 2016

Spencer posts 2nd Hole-in-one!!

Our Crew Colleague, combination Author/Historian/Reunion Emcee, Rick Spencer, has hit Another Big One! CONGRATULATIONS, RICK!!

 Volume 6
Special Edition
May 19, 2016
Delmarva Seniors
River Run Golf Group
Special Early Season Report for
May 19th , 2016

While the Press Corp has not officially arrived good news travels fast this early in the season. It was reported to Rambling Rudy that one of our players experienced a lifetime achievement in Rumors fly constantly, these  stories are investigated, interviews conducted, verified by our Auditing Firm, Dewey Cheatem and Howe and witnesses validated prior to publishing this type of achievement...In the post game ESPN SC telephone interview Rick stated this is his second Hole in One . The first coming at the Salt Pond in Bethany Beach on the 3rd hole a 185 yard par 3 using a 3 iron. Speculation is that this had to be a LONG TIME ago as Rick hasn’t hit an iron 185 yards in years. His game revolves around hybrids and woods. He admitted he couldn’t remember the year. For some of you new to the group Rick is a colorful character, highly educated (PHD … Piled High and Deep) a man with a vocabulary to take on the Wall Street Establishment yet down to earth, whether on the course or in a social setting Here are the many faces of Rick…. Aka Andy Rooney, the golfer, the Patriot, scoring a hole in one during the May 19th weekly play at River Run.

Congratulations to Rick Spencer for his Hole in One on
Hole #2 River Run Golf Club during weekly play May 19,
2016, A par three playing 125 yards. In a post round
telephone interview Rick stated he hit a high trajectory
shot that hit on the edge of the green, bounced and
rolled about 15’ into the cup. The photo at left shows the
ball nestled in the hole. Witnesses to the spectacular
shot were Steve Mitchell, Tom Sneltzer and Tom Villa. He
used an 8 iron on the shot.Those private lessons are
paying off for old Rick…. More to come!!!