Friday, July 24, 2009

June Book of the Month Update

Our Reviewer, Rick Spencer, offers the following update relevant to his June Book of the Month, The Shameful Peace:

"I have just finished watching the adaption of Olivia Manning's fictional trilogy of British expatriates during WWII. Her writings are considered the best fictional history about this period of the War and the story line ranges from Romania to Egypt. Manning's writings are based upon her own experiences and begin in 1940 as the Germans were marching freely to their belated victories. The adaption was done by BBC and released in 1987 titled "Fortunes of War" (available on Netflix). I highly recommend it." Rick Spencer Comment

Click on the following link for a Wikipedia review of the video:
Fortunes of War (TV Series)

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Rick Spencer said...

I am wondering if any crew members have viewed this as yet? If so, how did you like it?