Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Vietnam Air War Memorial Park

The latest issue of Aloft, the Museum of Flight's monthly magazine, describes the new Memorial Park the Museum is developing. a Vietnam Air War Memorial Park. The centerpiece aircraft will be the B-52G that has sat at Paine Field for 24 years. This will be the only memorial to the Vietnam Air War in the United States and is aimed at "remembering all of the aircraft flown in Vietnam and honoring the crews that supported them."

As all C-133 people know, the Cargomaster was quickly forgotten and was paid little attention in nearly all books and commentary. When I saw this notice, I promptly wrote a long email to Jim Farmer, a Museum of Flight trustee and point man for the memorial park. I pointed out that the C-133 was flying in Vietnam from 1962 until 1971, carrying cargo that no other airplane could haul. I expressed the hope and desire that the C-133 be appropriately recognized for its role in the Vietnam Air War and offered my willingness to be involved in that regard. I mentioned that the three C-133s in the best condition are those at NMUSAF, AMC Musem and the Travis Museum.

Mr Farmer's email is jtfarmer33@gmail.com.

I urge other C-133 people to contact him and to provide whatever assistance and information that they are able to do.

Cal Taylor