Saturday, July 24, 2010

Smithsonian Article

Look for John Sotham's article about the C-133 in the September issue of Smithsonian Air & Space Magazine. On the news stand in late Aug. He focuses on the crash record, but I tried to give him good information about other activities. He also bought my book.

Cal Taylor

Monday, July 19, 2010

Military Tribute

Thanks to Rick Spencer for the following link to a Gene Simmons Military Tribute on YouTube! (click on red label)

Monday, July 5, 2010

Bonus Reunion Photos

After combing through my collection, I identified the following 18 photos that I thought I had posted earlier, but hadn't. So this completes the sharing of my 122 photos. My next post will begin with the ones Bob Maguire took at the May, 2010, Reunion.

The survey results on the question about identifying individuals in photos were overwhelmingly in favor. In response to this proposition: "Some have requested that reunion attendees in photos on our publicly accessible blog be identified.... " 98.5% of respondents (66 people) checked the statement: "I have no problem with any of that, enjoy the photos, and favor photos with names." Only one person checked the statement: "I would object to my name appearing with my photo on the blog."

So I will respect that person's preference, but will now endeavor to begin identifying others. But I can only identify those I personally know, or those where I can read name tags. So I will invite you to help me. Please send me an e-mail with names, and describe what photo (in which Photo file), and which person in the photo.

If at any time, YOU see your name with a photo on this blog, and object to it, please let me know ASAP, and I can delete it!

This is Photo File #7 Bonus:

Charlie Feathers & Ralph Neumeister

Jim Dugar watching video from 8 mm movie of '64 Olympics in Tokyo which he witnessed first-hand

Sandy Sandstrom (standing front)

George Edlin & Chet Baffa

Sharon Ruskiewicz & John Apelt

Vince Gullo (standing left) & ?

George McDuffy & ?

Linda & George Edlin

Marilyn & Ted Feindt

Col. Edwards (l), ? at podium, Rick Spencer (r)

Vince Gullo

Erich Hausner

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Happy Birthday, America!

Thanks to Art Szmuriga for the great flag photo!!


42% of Reunion Surveys Completed!


Our survey request went out to 160 active e-mail addresses on our list, and 67 of you have completed the questionnaire!

Of the responses so far, here are the results in answer to question #1: If you attended the Reunion in Dover on 7-8 May 2010, rate your satisfaction with the Reunion in general. 7 of the 67 who responded did not attend. 90% of those who did, said they were "Very Satisfied." 9% said they were "Satisfied."

We now have one unidentifiable respondent who checked "Very Dissatisfied" (entered on 6/28 @ 9:28 am). While I'm reporting it as checked, I am suspicious that the boxes checked were not intended. Every item rating was checked "Very Dissatisfied," but all of the comments entered on that form were positive - none negative?! For example, under the question about the Souvenir Cap, the rating was checked "Very Dissatisfied," but the comment entered was "Nice touch."

Now here are the final Reunion Photos from my collection, Photo File #7:

George McDuffy & David Abrams

Yours truly, Dick Hanson, Navigator, 1st ATS, '62-'65

BUT FEAR NOT!! I have a lot more Reunion photos to share. Thanks to Bob Maguire, who has been a very busy photographer. He provided me with three disks full of photos......not only from the last Reunion this year, but also from the 2007 and 2003 Reunions. So, STAY TUNED TO THIS BLOG!! I'll be sharing them with you a batch at a time for a couple more months.

Meanwhile, if you've missed any of the 104 Dover Reunion photos previously posted, or just want to view them again, click on the following:

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