Thursday, June 24, 2010

Survey Update + More Reunion Photos

34% of Surveys Completed!


Our survey request went out to 160 active e-mail addresses on our list, and 54 of you have completed the questionnaire!

Of the responses so far, here are the results in answer to question #1: If you attended the Reunion in Dover on 7-8 May 2010, rate your satisfaction with the Reunion in general. 3 of the 54 who responded did not attend. 92% of those who did, said they were "Very Satisfied." 8% said they were "Satisfied."

Now here are 20 more Reunion Photos (10 each from the Friday & Saturday events), Photo File #6:

Terry Wall, Jimmy Donlan & Fred Dietsch

Dick Hanson & Jim Dugar

Harwood (Gene) Snyder & ?

Bob Lecar (r)

Rick Spencer & Steve McClain

Dick Quimby

? (left), Danny Ruskiewicz (center)

Erich Hausner

Mary & Gerry Foss

Vito DiFronzo

Jimmy & Nancy Nolan

Sandy Sandstrom & Larry Phillips

(can't quite read the name tags??)

Vito DiFronzo & Gerry Foss

Bob & Nancy Becht

George McDuffy & Walt McCann

George McDuffy & Amy Stricklin

If you've missed any of the 84 Reunion Photos previously posted, or just want to view them again, here are the five links that will connect you directly with those photos:

Friday Sample: So It Has Begun!!

Saturday Sample: Happy People!

Click on: Reunion Photo File #3

Click on: Reunion Photo File #4

Click on: Reunion Photo File #5

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