Wednesday, June 2, 2010

In the Nav Seat again

One last chance to sit in the seat! Thanks to Nick Modders for the pic. The Alaska guys removed the LORAN set and installed a little GPS unit.
The Travis reunion had about 150 at the Friday banquet and nearly 200 on Saturday. The C-133 was pulled into the middle of the museum display area, behind the B-29 and next to the B-52. The 60AW has dedicated space near the hospital gate (west entrance to Travis) for the new Travis Heritage Center. The C-133 will be moved, this summer. That will require removal of the wings and vertical tail. The Nebraska guys will do it, I'm told. They have the experience with the 90536.
Cal Taylor

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Papa Hans said...

Lookin' GOOD, Cal!! It's a time-warp thrill, isn't it?