Monday, June 28, 2010

Rick Spencer Published Again!

Our 133 Crew Colleague, part time Reunion Program emcee, and Book of the Month Reviewer, Rick Spencer, is periodically published by the Caesar Rodney Institute. Here is the opening to his latest:
Unfunded Liabilities:
A Solution

by Richard L. Spencer, Ph.D.

The Legacy of Unfunded Liabilities

As the premise for this short analysis of unfunded liabilities, I shall use the figures put forth by President Fisher of the Dallas Federal Reserve in a recent interview at the Wall Street Journal. His office has estimated the present value of the unfunded liabilities for Medicare and Social Security alone to be in excess of $99 trillion or about seven times our current GDP. Fisher lamented that our political leaders have “dug a very deep hole” for the country.

Most economists agree and believe that we are positioned at a crossroad concerning our country‟s financial future, as there is no reasonable expectation that we can tax, grow, or borrow our way out of such a crushing, unfunded debt. It is a lethal picture of delusion and idealism that knows no boundaries and recognizes no financial realities. Hauser‟s Law states that federal tax receipts always fall short of 20% of GDP. That alone makes any suggestion these programs can be fiscally supported divorced from the totality of fiscal prudence. The U.S. has entered into a Faustian model of debt, dependency, and default. It is Ponzi on steroids and the country is the victim!

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