Friday, May 10, 2013

Update From George

Hi Guys,

Yes, it's been like I fell off the planet. The last few months have been a mess around here. I was happily going about working on the 133 and family matters  took control of my life.  Too many things to talk about.

Around March 1st I realized that it would be impossible to have the plane finished for the Toledo Expo ( 1st week in April) so I backed off and relaxed. I've gotten the rivets finished on the nose and the right gear sponson. Got the deicers on the tail group and was beginning to get out from under all the home stuff Spring brings with it and then about three weeks ago I came down with a case of the shingles around my right eye. Yikes! Ouch!  Well, this little problem is beginning to subside and I'm beginning to get my "drive" back.

Sorry I disappeared. I'll do better.

Best regards,