Thursday, January 21, 2010

Reunion Planning Post #9



302-677-2840 or 2841

OR you can call: 888-AF LODGE, then extension DOV
(same as: 888-235-6343, extension 368)

I apologize for the error!
My thanks to Charlie Feathers in Florida for the catch!

Dick Hanson

Also note the following new Comment:

I just made a reservation today (at the Eagles' Rest for Friday & Saturday nights) and I would suggest that those interested do so quickly! I was surprised and hope it sticks.

Rick Spencer

Monday, January 18, 2010

Reunion Planning Post #8

OK, my friends! It's time to ante up! SIXTY BUCKS is the number, as previously suggested. Our Planning Committee has done the math, made the deposits on the space, the food, and the beverages. We are out on a limb! The good news is, YOU came through! We had to get a bigger room. Here's the current standing on our Registration List: 110 "Yes" responses, 7 "No," with plans for 196 people at the Friday Hangar Social, and an even 200 at the Saturday Banquet! Awesome response!!


Made out to: Cargomaster Association,
Memo: May, 2010, C-133 Reunion

Mail to: Sandy Sandstrom, 34772 Frontier Road, Lewes, DE 19958-2649

No later than March 1st.........but the sooner the better.....we already have a budget deficit, and we're not even a Government operation!

We're talking hot hors d'oeuvres Friday (you're on your own for dinner), and a First Class sit-down Eastern Bayshore Dinner with great selections (cash bar at both events). Stay tuned for specific times, a great speaker you'll enjoy, a memorial table, a souvenir, and photo ops.

Make your own reservations for accommodations (see earlier post on lots of local options).

Click on: Reunion Planning Post #6

The best deal is on-base quarters, the Eagles' Rest, across from the Golf Club (BOQs in our day) are $39/night, with good breakfast/lunch across the street, call 302-677-2840 or 2841 (available to all, couples included).

Or the premium spot is right there where we're having the Banquet at the Dover Downs Hotel. Call 800-711-5882, and tell them you want the C-133 Event rate.

And everything in between!

Let me know by e-mail at if you have any questions! It's only 16 weeks away!! :)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

U-2 Deadstick Landing

Thanks to Ted Feindt for the following link to an AMAZING story:

Click on: Cortez Aviation Heritage Celebration

Remember our story about how flying the C-133 consisted of hours and hours of sheer boredom, interrupted by moments of stark terror? This guy's stark terror lasts quite a few moments! The video starts out pretty slow, but you need to hear the story. It's worth it!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Virtual Aircraft Museum

Thanks to Rick Spencer and Jack Slocombe for the following link to an incredible database:

For you aircraft buffs, this is a keeper.This is the most comprehensive collection of aircraft info that I have ever seen. Want to check out almost any airplane ever built in the World? Old, new, military, civilian? Browse this site for a few minutes. You will be amazed at what has been done in airplane design. The amount of info available is unbelievable.

Click on: Virtual Aircraft Museum

Click here to go directly to the listing for:
Douglas C-133 Cargomaster
then scroll down to see Comments by some of our own Crew Colleagues!

BYU Salutes USAF Academy

Thanks to Rick Spencer for this inspiring video!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

1:48 (!) Vacuform C-133

Now, here is a beautiful C-133 model project. They keep getting bigger. George Maiorana's will be about 1:12, but this vacuform model from Darius Aibara, in England, is "only" 1:48. That is 39" long with a 44" wingspan. He has done truly beautiful interior work. Check out the cockpit.

Cal Taylor

Rick Spencer Published Again!

Our 133 Crew Colleague and Book of the Month Reviewer, Rick Spencer, is periodically published by the Caesar Rodney Institute. A couple of his recent articles relate to books he's reviewed on this blog. To read the two articles, please click on the following:

#1 Individual Liberty vs Government Authority

Here's an excerpt from this article:

While teaching graduate level Economics in Delaware during the 90's, I used The Road to Serfdom by F.A. Hayekas a required secondary reading. Hayek was the 1974 Nobel Prize winner in Economics and a proponent of the Austrian school that free markets enhance mankind’s liberty. Every week my students were to write a one-page summary of each chapter, and to report about personal discussions they had with others.

Go here to read Rick's December, 2007, review of The Road to Serfdom, and his April, 2009, Follow-up on this blog.

#2 To Shut the Door on Utopia

Here's an excerpt from this article:

I would refer those lacking such appreciation of this era to The Black Book of Communism by Stephane Courtios, et al, which outlines how Communism was the great and evil story of the twentieth century and at its zenith, ruled a third of mankind. Communism seemed poised to spread indefinitely and then it collapsed like a house of cards. It violated one of the basic tenets of civilization: "Thou shalt not kill."

Go here to read Rick's November, 2007, review of The Black Book of Communism on this blog.

Click here to learn about The Caesar Rodney Institute.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Greatest Generation Mustangs

Thanks to Rick Spencer for the following link to an exceptional video. It highlights the importance of a real Reunion......truly the "window of opportunity is closing." Watch this, be thrilled, then come to our 133 Reunion in May (be sure to click the little icon -- the little box with the arrow in the lower right portion of the picture; then click on the x to close the controls -- and watch it full screen):

Almost 29 minutes of beautiful photography, a great story, great men, and a gorgeous airplane! Really well done! If you've ever felt attached to an aircraft, and been re-united with a restoration, you're gonna love this one!

Come join us in Dover in May! You won't fly in a Mustang, but you can sit in the seat of a C-133! (B Model S/N 90536, shown in photo above)

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Low Pass

Thanks to Sandy Sandstrom for this "breath taker!"