Monday, January 4, 2010

Greatest Generation Mustangs

Thanks to Rick Spencer for the following link to an exceptional video. It highlights the importance of a real Reunion......truly the "window of opportunity is closing." Watch this, be thrilled, then come to our 133 Reunion in May (be sure to click the little icon -- the little box with the arrow in the lower right portion of the picture; then click on the x to close the controls -- and watch it full screen):

Almost 29 minutes of beautiful photography, a great story, great men, and a gorgeous airplane! Really well done! If you've ever felt attached to an aircraft, and been re-united with a restoration, you're gonna love this one!

Come join us in Dover in May! You won't fly in a Mustang, but you can sit in the seat of a C-133! (B Model S/N 90536, shown in photo above)

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