Tuesday, June 1, 2010

An ALERT + More Reunion Photos


In the next couple of days, you will be receiving our online Reunion Evaluation Survey!

Please keep an eye out for an e-mail that is either an invitation from Zoomerang, or one directly from me with a link to the Survey.

FYI, the Zoomerang software I have is limited to a mailing list of 99. So about 50 of you will get the e-mail directly from me. It's the same style/format of survey we used in January, '09, to get your input for our Reunion Planning. So please take a couple minutes to work through the Survey and respond. There's plenty of room for additional comments. Your responses will be anonymous to everyone but me (for administrative and secure follow-up purposes).

Now here are 20 more Reunion Photos (10 each from the Friday & Saturday events), Photo File #4:

Jeannie & Jack Slocombe, and Sue Spencer

? (left), Pat & Al Courture, ? (right)

Lloyd Pierson, Pat & Gerald Edwards

Jay Schmuckler & Bill Freeman

Jim Dugar, Jack Slocombe, Chet Baffa & Bob Miley

Ted & Marilyn Feindt, Charlotte Dugar, Cheryl Baffa & George Edlin

? (left), Bill Thornton (right)

Walt McCann & Lloyd Pierson

(can't quite read the name tags??)

Stan & Irene Bryk

Bob Jenkins, Bill Neely & ?

Bob Lecar

Charlotte & Jim Dugar

Steve McClain

Bob & Gail Miley

Jack & Jeannie Slocombe

Danny & Sharon Ruskiewicz

John Apelt

If you've missed any of the 44 Reunion Photos previously posted, or just want to view them again, here are the three links that will connect you directly with those photos:

Friday sample: So It Has Begun!!

Saturday sample: Happy People!

Click on: Reunion Photo File #3

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Terry said...

Nice pictures, Hans. Thanks for posting them.