Sunday, May 16, 2010

Happy People!!

I've finished editing my Reunion photos, and wound up with about 150 "decent-to-excellent" quality pictures (about 60 from the Friday Hangar Social, and 90 from the Saturday Banquet). I posted a sample of 10 from Friday earlier (go here and scroll down: So It Has Begun!!!! ). So now I'm going to select another sample of 14 from Saturday. Eventually, I'll figure out how to share them all with all of you. Stay tuned, and enjoy!

Master of Ceremonies, Rick Spencer

Sandy Sandstrom & Judy Aylward

John Herren

Vance & Helen Woodward

Becky & Allen Jensen

Guest Speaker, Chaplain Lt. Col. John Groth

John Parish

George McDuffy

George McDuffy & Jack Shield

Col. Gerald Edwards

Sandy Sandstrom

Stan Bryk


Jack said...

Great reunion. First time back in 46 years and well worth it.

Rick and were great.

someguyinatie said...

my grandfather has that same photo of c-133 2008 on his desk

Don K. said...

I just found out about this reunion from another loadmaster who attended our Blindbat reunion (C-130 missions over North Vietnam) this past weekend (15 May, 2010).
I have been attempting to reconnect with other crew members who flew the C-133As - Dover - 39th for some time with little luck. Here are some of my C-133 photos - Dover AFB - that others might be interested in:
Perhaps someone can share the guest list from this reunion as I would like to reconnect with others in the 39th.
Don Kuecker

John Herren said...

Great Reunion,best one yet for me,I attended three other ones but not any as well done as this one.Thank you planners and doers. John Herren