Sunday, May 16, 2010

Travis Reunion

The event was a great success. The banquet had about 140 attendees. Sid Anderson, the last 84th MAS commander, was the MC. Col Milton Meiklejohn was the oldest attendee, at age 94. CMSgt Bill Oakes, the engineer for the ages, is a bit younger. On Saturday, there was a buffet at the Travis Air Museum, with about 170 people. Everyone was able to climb into 61999 and see her redone in USAF markings.

Sometime this year (per the vice-wing commander), the airplane will be moved out past the main gate, but still on the base. It will be the "gate guard." To do the move, the wings and vertical tail must be removed and then reinstalled. The other museum airplanes will follow later.

Cal Taylor


Papa Hans said...

Congratulations, Cal. We know how you feel!

That's awesome, that 61999 is going to be the Travis "gate guard!"

Dick H.

John said...

Dover just had a great re-union.It was without a doubt the best re-union I have ever attended. The planners and doers did a great job,fun for everybody.I was a maintainer at Travis 60-63.Looking forward to stopping by Travis someday to see the setup at the gate.Hope we all can have a repeat of this event someday.Sandy and the guys was on the spot with this one.Thanks guys for a great turnout .

Papa Hans said...

Thanks for your supportive comments, John. I'll pass them along to the Committee. If you'd let me know your last name and e-mail address, I'll make sure we have you in our roster.

If you'd prefer to not post them on this blog, just send them to my e-mail address: