Thursday, May 20, 2010

More Reunion Photos

Here are 20 more photos; 10 from the Friday Hangar Social, and 10 from the Saturday Banquet.

I've received a couple questions about naming the people in the photos. Of course I know a lot of the names, and can read some name tags in the pictures, but many I can't identify. And, some people may prefer to not be identified on a blog accessible to the public. So if you have any ideas, let me know. Otherwise, I can try to answer specific questions.

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If you missed Reunion photos previously posted, you can catch up by clicking on the following two posts:

Friday sample: So It Has Begun!!

Saturday sample: Happy People!!

Reunion Photo File #3:

? (left), Sandy Sandstrom, Rick Spencer, Jimmy Donlan & Terry Wall

Charlie Feathers & Ralph Neumeister

Bonnie & Claire Gilstad & ?

Harlan Highsmith & John Parish

Erich Hausner, David Abrams & Harry Van Den Heuvel

Jim Dugar, Bob Becht, Chet & Cheryl Baffa & Dick Hanson

The Group Photographer

Bill & Tina Huff and Eileen & Tom Masino

David & Betty Abrams

? & Jo Donahoe

Kathy Huff & Jimmy Ratcliff

Carl Johnson & Bill Thornton

Tom & ? Honeywill

Paul & Helena Rousseau

Kathy Takaes & Ralph Neumeister

George McDuffy & the "mystery winner" in white! (help?)
?? (Help! I know him! What's that on his head?) & Stu Yeomans


David said...

Great photos, but it would really be much nicer if there could be some names shown. Dave Newell

Eileen said...

Nice website!
My father is Gerry Edwards. He won't mind being "tagged" in a photo.
My granddson actually helped restore that C 133. Justin Pistone

Papa Hans said...

Thank you for your comment, Justin. We have two Gerry Edwards among our 133 veterans, and I met both of them at the Reunion? Were you there? What's your father's middle initial? Do you see the e-mails we send to your father? And thanks to your grandson for his work on 0536! Keep in touch.....