Saturday, February 21, 2009

WW2 Unit Patches DVD

If anyone is interested in a huge collection of WWII unit patches, I have a new product. It is a DVD with 417 patches from USAAF, USN and a few USMC. Most are little known, because they are service (maintenance) units, air base units and various support squadrons. There are also plenty of fighter, bomber and transport squadrons, though not the most famous ones. The DVD has an index and each patch is in JPG and TIF format at 300 dpi and roughly 3" x 3". Some samples are shown on the C-133 web site, click on: Cal Taylor's WWII Unit Patches . It is linked through the home page, also.

I'm alspo working on a facsimile reproduction of a 150-page Douglas report on the C-132. The report gives lots of detail about how the airplane would have been equipped and on its size, features and performance. The package will include a 36 x 70 1:72 scale drawing with lots of cross sections. That should be available in the summer. The airplane would have been the C-5 of its day.

Cal Taylor

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