Saturday, February 28, 2009

Final Flight - Ever!

Video thanks to Dick Strouse!

"Boy, sure brings back some memories. The sounds of those engines just gives you goose bumps. Oh, for the memories. My brother Bill sent this video to me. I have never seen it before, but it has to be the best video and sound of any I've seen, especially since this is the final landing and sound of a C-133 again. My four years on the Lead-Sled made me a real Loadmaster and groomed me for bigger and better things in my Air Force career and life. As ol' Chief Hannigan would say, 'The days of wooden ships and iron men.' And how true it was!"
........Dick Strouse, 1968-1971, 39th MAS


Anonymous said...

the only thing missing is the painting similiar to the famous picture of 62014 over the golden gate bridge.

Jimh. said...

I wish I had known, I would have made the trip!!