Thursday, July 12, 2007

Secret Missions East

Yes, I remember as well being on a few 'secret missions' normally a SAM. These were in the early 60's and to India. The crew, all with Top Secret clearances, were briefed in a small room at KDOV base ops and advised to carry weapons. Also, we were to wear civilian clothes after flying East from Germany. Lastly, the families, when calling the Squadron, could only be told that the mission had departed Germany in an Easterly direction with no knowledge of time of return or destination.One of these missions took us to Dum Dum AP in Calcutta where we landed in 'secrecy'. And, we were able to enjoy the beginning of the Monsoon season! However, I was the 39th squadron historian and noticed a complete report of our arrival in the local newspaper and brought a copy back to include in the monthly analysis of the squadron's work.After landing we flew VFR for about an hour without filing a flight plan to a seemingly abandoned WWII base on the Northern border and off loaded 'listening apparatus'. We never really knew what we carried on these missions and never really asked.There were a lot of SAM missions in the early 60's almost all to interesting places with interesting cargo. I do not remember the other crew members as I did not keep orders that I can now review.

Rick Spencer
July 11, 2007 4:19 PM

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