Saturday, December 1, 2007

Your log book is valuable

My log book entries from C-133 days helped a friend, LtCol Pietro DiSantis, get a VA 100% disability. He has a whole host of prostate problems and associated issues and did not have some documentation of being in-country. He was my AC on two trips, and an excellent man to fly with. I copied the pages from my log book, showing the two trips with him as the pilot. He just sent me a card to say that those pages, along with some other documentation, got him the upgraded disability.

Over the course of writing the book, I have had several contacts from people needing documentation that they were in Vietnam. Because our flight orders did not, in most cases, suffice to prove a person actually landed in Vietnam, it has been difficult for folks to prove it, in some cases.

The point, which I have made to a young loadmaster friend; keep a log book and copies of your flight orders and finance vouchers. They are truly worth money, even after many years.

Cal Taylor

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Hans & Diane said...

Good point, Cal. Thanks for the Post. I kept a log which I still have, and I know several who kept copies of their Flight Orders. You never know....