Sunday, March 23, 2008

Book of the Month Series

Sneak Preview

From your Reviewer: Rick Spencer

It has always been an interest of mine to read about those seemingly ordinary citizens from ordinary circumstances who have stepped forth upon the national stage in times of need to become fearless warriors in defense of our country. They may be civilian as well as military and many have been both. It is not uncommon for their lives to have begun the same as those of many C-133 crewmembers.

While musing through the shelves in a dusty, old time, used bookstore in Key West this winter I was reminded once again of these extraordinary citizens who gave so much to ensure our destiny and way of life. So, I thought over the coming months I would highlight those that have shown remarkable strength of character and bravery in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds. To give you an idea of my favorites I will begin with Grant, Pershing, Lincoln, Churchill, Washington, Eisenhower, Hamilton, etc., and hope that I receive some suggestions from crewmembers as well.

I believe that you will be quite surprised at the ordinary beginnings and personal accomplishments that came mostly from their strong belief in the values of Western Civilization. I also believe that you will be amazed to find that they had no idea and each would be the most surprised to find themselves thrust into a national emergency that carried the burden of the future of the country at rest upon his shoulders. Their successes suggest a lesson for the ages.

Each truly believed that the uniting of democratic values with the American people gave mankind its best hope. These men, as they risked all, became carriers of the Founders torch of individual freedom that allows us our lives, as we know it. I will attempt to adhere to the personal memoirs of each but not all have put their life to print.


Ulysses Simpson Grant


Anonymous said...

Rick---Read this one last year--you may find it interesting--American Caesar Douglas MacArthur 1880-1964 By William Manchester--Take care Jim Donlan

Rick Spencer said...

Jim, thanks as that is an excellent suggestion and how or why I left him off the list is inexcusable. I will get this upon my return home in early apr. I hope that others give me some suggestions as well. Again, thanks.