Sunday, April 13, 2008

First Anniversary Reminder

Our Hit Counter shows a nice increase in activity the last few months, now approaching 4,000. As you can see in the Archive section, we've listed 67 Posts in the 12 months since we launched this blog right after the last Dover Reunion. And you can access them all by scrolling down, or click on any given month/year and individual Post title, or in Label groups listed at the end of many related Posts (e.g. Help With Blogs). Remember, any time you see an underlined title (usually a different color), that's a Hot Link that will take you to a different site with a simple click on your cursor.

Another great resource is the Related Websites section on the lower right side of the blog. There you'll find a list of Hot Links to many (currently 17) other sites regarding 133 relevant History, AFBs, Museums, Models, etc. Probably the most interesting is Cal Taylor's Book website (Remembering an Unsung Giant) which provides a wealth of information about the original C-133 Project at Douglas Aircraft Company, Mission, Accidents, Tail Numbers, Tech Data, Units, Gallery, still more links, and a Guest Book Sign-in.

And we eagerly solicit your Comments (easy to add after any Post) and suggestions for new interest and information. Please help us keep it "alive!"


Anonymous said...

Dick, I really appreciate the time and effort you have expended in the creation of this site. It alway gives me great pleasure to access it and read the comments and memories of the crewmembers; and, I hope they will add more in the coming year. Congratulations upon the first anniversary! Rick Spencer

Hans & Diane said...

Couldn't have done it without you, Rick. Your book reviews and many suggestions have been a substantial boost to the first year. Thank you!