Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Stan Forster gone west

This evening (7 Oct), Mike Forster called to inform me that Col Stan Forster had died. Mike said it was okay to pass the word via the web site. I never had the honor of meeting Col Forster in person, but there was lots of input from him for the book. I also was able to talk to him on the phone, a couple of times.

Mike said his grandfather was able to go to Travis for the last flight and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Those in the Dover squadrons, especially the 39th, who knew him will, I'm sure, share a moment of sympathy for the Forster family.


MIke Forster said...

It had been a sad day in history we lose so many good men. Today we lost a hero COL Stan Forster has passed and as his grandson this it so tough to write, he loved the C-133.and he was very proud of that plane of all the planes he flew,I think he like the C-133 the best. At the Travis Air show in 2008 we had a great time. In the last couple months Stan has not been doing to well ,but I talked him in to going to the show. I told him "You flew the first one into Dover you might as well see the last one land" and we did. I think that trip to Travis was more than I knew,
as I found out, Stan trained the first KC-10 crew back in 1979 and he was in flight operation for the C-17. So it was three fold for us. In speaking to Stan a week before his passing he was one of the lucky ones, when he retired from the Air Force in 1965 he got hired on with Douglas to fly the C-133 for the Apollo mission drop. There are 27 drops in his log book.My Grandmother used to tell us when that C-133 would fly over their house in Fountian Valley, that Stan thought that was his own personal plane.Anyone that has any stories about COL Stan Forster. I would love to hear them. He will be missed

Hans and Diane said...

Thank you, Cal and Mike, for your Post and Comment. We all appreciate one so dedicated, and extend our sympathies to the family for your loss.

Keith Stroup said...

Very sorry to hear about Col. Forster. I worked with his daughter Kathy in the 70's and 80's and heard many stories about him from his work w/the KC-10 to his flying days in Europe during WWII. Condolences. Keith Stroup and Family.