Thursday, May 7, 2009

C-133 TV program

Greg Sheffer, of Inversion Productions, is still working on a teaser of 3-5 minutes to promote the C-133 story to possible TV outlets. He will soon also have a website set up. All of the raw footage from the last flight of 61999 went to him. He is also looking for any other film or imagery or other material that might be useful. Anyone who has potential material should contact Greg at

Cal Taylor

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Boeing377 said...

Frozen in Time, the documentary on the attempted excavation and restoration of the ice bound B 29 in Greenland is an excellent example of how to make an aircraft story appeal to a wide audience.

The C 133 story isnt as compelling but it still has good potential for audience appeal if done right. I sure hope the pilot film gets made and stimulates interest in doing a full fledged feature.

There is an interesting aspect to the N199AB story. It is as if someone bought a surplus Saturn rocket, patched it up and flew a successful moon mission with no help from NASA.