Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Book Recommendation

General of the Army: George Marshall
by Ed Cray

I have to most highly recommend this biography of General Marshall. It is exceptionally well-written, telling the story of perhaps the most important man of WWII, whose efforts produced an 8-million man army in 1945, from one of only 150,000 in 1939. Marshall's efforts resulted in the huge logistics system that supported the war effort of the US, England, the Soviet Union and other participants. It is easy to imagine that, with a lesser man in the post of Army Chief of Staff, things could have gone much less satisfactorily. The book deals with the highest levels of planning, procedures and even politics. It has very valuable insights into such leaders as Roosevelt, Churchill and the many men who became the generals of WWII, including Arnold, Ridgeway, Clark, Patton, Montgomery, Wavell and many others.

Cal Taylor


Rick Spencer said...

It sounds like a winner for our site readers.

firstfleet said...

I finished the Marshall book. What an incredible man! The epitome of integrity, honor, profound understanding and devotion to duty, whatever that may have been. Chief of Staff of the Army, Secretary of State, president of the American Red Cross, Secretary of Defense when MacArthur was fired, received the Nobel Peace Prize. He finally retired to his home in Virginia for a few years of peaceful living before he died.

Cal Taylor