Monday, October 19, 2009

TSgt John A. Kitchens

Recently, Bob Hunter contacted me, to dispute the date of death of Sgt Kitchens. Hunter was in MX at Dover until his discharge in Feb 64. He has stated very firmly that Kitchens was killed in the crash of 22 Sep 63, NOT in the Goose crash on 7 Nov 64. My source for the crew list was Part A of the USAF accident investigation board report. If anyone has a primary source that can conclusively negate that report and place Sgt Kitchens on the Sep 63 crash of 71611 , I'd be interested in seeing it. That event was the second of the two C-133s that crashed within the first hour after departing Dover.

Cal Taylor


firstfleet said...

I talked to Dick Quimby, last night (24 Oct). He has a newspaper with info about the Goose crash. Dick says that Sgt Kitchens is listed in the crew.

firstfleet said...

Richard Justice is sending me a Dover newspaper about the Goose crash. It should settle this issue.

Ron Vautard said...

Hello Cal,

Did you receive the newspaper article on the Goose Bay crash? I have an original copy of the Delaware State News dated November 9, 1964. Do you want/need a copy?

firstfleet said...

The article arrived and listed Sgt Kitchens on the Goose crash.