Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Reunion Planning Post #7

Sandy Sandstrom is preparing for a Planning Committee meeting on January 11th. Immediately after that, we will post another update, and broadcast another message to our e-mail list. At that time, we expect to announce the final cost of the formal Events (the Friday Hangar Social & Saturday evening Banquet @ the Dover Downs Hotel), and the timeline for payment.

We'll also update any other plan details that are finalized. They'll be discussing such things as progress on scheduling a banquet speaker, reunion souvenir items that could be available, and how to honor Crew members who have passed on.

Meanwhile, many of you have already made your reservations for accommodations. If you need information previously posted, click on: Planning Post #5 or Post #6.

Based on research feedback early this year, we have made no formal reunion plans other than the two events mentioned above. That leaves it up to individuals or small groups to make their own plans for Friday dinner, and Saturday morning for other activities like golf outings and lunch.

If you have any input for our Planning Committee.....comments, suggestions, questions, whatever....please e-mail me before Jan. 10th at: .


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