Sunday, February 7, 2010

Rick Spencer Published Again!

Our 133 Crew Colleague and Book of the Month Reviewer, Rick Spencer, is periodically published by the Caesar Rodney Institute. Here is the opening to his latest:

Do Not Take Lightly the Perils of Peace

Is Peace beyond Humanity’s Reach

By Richard Spencer, Ph.D.

Upon completing college, teaching a year, and waiting to be drafted, I volunteered for active duty with the USAF in 1961. The country soon became embroiled in the Berlin Crisis, the Cuban Missile Crisis, the start of the Vietnam War, the India/Chinese Border War, and a continuing worldwide commitment to the Cold War. I became directly or tangentially involved in all of these while flying thousands of miles every month delivering military cargo. We always considered “peace as our profession” and we were proud to serve the country.

However, during all of these years, those of us in military uniform were largely derided by the public as those who somehow pursued war rather than those who served the country in order to protect its citizens from the ravages of war. We were not seen as purveyors of peace, and it was always an eerie feeling when in public and while in uniform to be treated as the enemy. After all, this was only a few years after the end of WWII and we had great reverence for veterans of that era, many of whom were family members. As well, there was the same public distrust of public and federal law enforcement officers. What had gone wrong? We were at War.

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Do Not Take Lightly the Perils of Peace

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