Monday, March 22, 2010

Call for "Crew Tales"

As Cal Taylor requested in the previous post, we're encouraging you to do a little digging: Basement, Garage, Attic? As we approach our Reunions (both Dover and Travis) in May, we'd like to get your stories and/or memorabilia on your years in the C-133!

Flight logs are great reminders. Where did you go? For what purpose? When? In what airplane? Who were your crew-mates? What stories do you recall? Especially trips in 61999!

The guys in Travis would like to build a record of their museum airplane. And Cal Taylor's asking them to do the same for us about 90536. But don't stop there! Tell us any of those stories we can all share (you'll need to copy-and-paste the addresses into an e-mail).

Send them to me, Dick Hanson @

Copy our AMC Archivist, Harry Heist @

And Terry Juran, Museum Director @ Travis @

And thanks to Dick Strouse, look what he found in his attic (sorry about the fine print; I know you can't read it; I'm sending it to our e-mail list so you can read the story):

"Hello, I was up in the attic looking for picture's for my 50th high school reunion this year and I came across this old MAC Flyer. I made copies of the C-133 story. Hope everyone enjoys. See you in May".......Dick Strouse

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