Saturday, August 7, 2010

Reunion Survey Results


Our survey request went out to 160 active e-mail addresses on our list, and 72 of you completed the questionnaire!

Here are the final results in answer to question #1: If you attended the Reunion in Dover on 7-8 May 2010, rate your satisfaction with the Reunion in general. 7 of the 72 who responded did not attend. 90.5% of those who did, said they were "Very Satisfied." 8% said they were "Satisfied."

We had one unidentifiable respondent who checked "Very Dissatisfied" (entered on 6/28 @ 9:28 am). While I'm reporting it as checked, I am suspicious that the boxes checked were not intended. Every item rating was checked "Very Dissatisfied," but all of the comments entered on that form were positive - none negative?! For example, under the question about the Souvenir Cap, the rating was checked "Very Dissatisfied," but the comment entered was "Nice touch."

On the questionnaire, you will remember we listed 24 different features of the Reunion of the three main segments, Friday Event, Saturday Event, and Reunion Follow-up. I will publish details of your responses, including Additional Comments volunteered in the near future.....stay tuned!

Results on other questions follow:

6. At this point, what is your interest level in coming to another reunion?

75% Strong Interest
23% Mild Interest
2% No Interest

7. On the Next Reunion issue, it's been proposed that considering our advancing seniority, we plan in terms of alternating years with "mini" and "maxi" reunions, as long as someone will organize them, e.g. in 2011, have a low key, one night dinner, mostly for local people near Dover, then in 2012, another full-blown weekend like 2010. What do you think?

63% Great Idea!
17% Don't care....
1% Bad idea.
19% For better idea, see below...(all comments you submitted for this item)

1 Make sure to announce low key dates for those of us who might make the effort to attend from outside the KDOV area.

2 There were a lot of people there that I did not know.

3 Not necessarily better, but perhaps a little less often, despite our aging population.

4 How about scheduling the Reunion annually with the stipulation that if "X" number of paid reservations are not received by "Y" date a "low key" version will be held with a cut off of "Z" number of registrants.

5 Doesn't matter to me. If I'm able I plan to attend them all regardless.

6 Great idea, however will try to attend the mini.

7 I'll probably attend whatever happens.

8 Continue having low key dinners but with a similar format.

9 I would enjoy just the Friday night "crew meetings" every year or two. They are easier to plan and more laid back.

10 Mini reunions for areas of the country, i.e Dover, Florida. etc.

11 Having them too often will lose impact

12 Sure, Lets go for it.

8. Some have requested that reunion attendees in photos on our publicly accessible blog be identified...

1% I would object to my name appearing with my photo on the blog.

0% I object to my photo appearing on the blog, even without my name.

99% I have no problem with any of that, enjoy the photos, and favor photos with names (SEE PREVIOUS PHOTO ALBUMS PUBLISHED NOW SHOWING NAMES IDENTIFIED)

If you have any questions or comments on these results, please enter Comments below on the blog, or e-mail them to me at rehanson342@me. com

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