Thursday, February 10, 2011

Really big turboprop

You thought the C-133 was big! How about the KC-132, with a TOGW of 469,395 pounds. You take off from George AFB for Hickam, along with a gaggle of F-100s deploying to Vietnam. With 110,000 lbs of transferable fuel, you can drag the fighters all the way to Wake Island. Refueling is done at 450 knots at 30,000'. This is what four 15,000 shp turboprop engines will do for you.

I have a new report that tells what this airplane might have been like, along with a gorgeous 36 x 72 1:72 scale drawing. 150 pages are a Douglas report prepared for an AF visit to the Tulsa mock-up. Another section is the C-132 chapter from Remembering an Unsung Giant. A second chapter is a history of air refueling into the Fifties. It concludes with some alternative history that assumes USAF bought 150 C/KC-132s, along with the C-133s. I specify the production schedule of 3 airplanes per month, bases of assignment, training establishment and units. It is probably the most C-132 information that has ever been available outside the halls of Douglas Aircraft Co.

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Cal Taylor

Cal's website (click on the following black title link & scroll down to Upcoming Publications) says the price for his, C/KC-132 Report, is $60 + $4 S&H.

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Papa Hans said...

Well done, Cal, as always! Good luck with it!

Dick H.