Thursday, April 14, 2011

Col George Frum gone west

Bobb Dep,Jr., informed me on 13 Apr that Col George Frum died on 24 Mar 2011. Col Frum was a C-133 pioneer. He participated in the turboprop testing by the 1700th Test Sq and then was part of the C-133 initial cadre at Dover. At Dover, Frum was known for using a tech order to boost him in the seat. One day, Ray Burleson relieved him in the seat, and found the TO. He pitched the book out the windown, just missing Frum. Later, Frum went to the 84th MAS, at Travis, before becoming commander of a maintenance squadron. One of his most interesting missions at Travis was as AC of one of the C-133s that moved a propeller shaft and propeller for USS Coral Sea from Travis to Atsugi, Japan. Col Frum was at the 2010 Travis reunion, where he toured 61999. He was, I believe, 93. Cal Taylor

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