Friday, August 19, 2011

Runaway Prop

That 's the name of a short story by Frank Harvey, published in the Saturday Evening Post in May 1959. It is one of only two fiction accounts I have read that featured the C-133. The other was a novel by Clive Cussler, in which a C-133 lands at an AF station in Greece and is destroyed on the ground.

Harvey's story is pretty gripping and brings to mind several actual events. If you want to read it, email me at I'll figure out how to attach it to my web site, eventually.

Cal Taylor

Additional Note from Dick Hanson:

In less than two hours, 7 of you responded to my e-mail with Runaway Prop attached, and 3 of those indicated the Clive Cussler novel Cal referred to is "The Mediterranean Caper."

To scan the Wikipedia posting on this book, click on:

To actually purchase the book online for $1 + postage, click on:

Additional comment by Jim Maloney:

The Mediterranean Caper ( also published as Mayday) is an action-adventure novel by Clive Cussler published in the United States in 1973. This is the 1st published book featuring the author’s primary protagonist, Dirk Pitt. It was nominated for an Edgar award by the Mystery Writers of America for "Best Paperback Original Novel of 1973."

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