Friday, February 3, 2012

Colleague Request!!

We have a new contact who is looking for information you may have! Here's an e-mail just received:

I still have my personal log of all flights as a C-133 navigator. The personal log includes the aircraft tail numbers, among other information. Unfortunately, I did not write down the tail number of my last C-133 flight. So here's a question that has nagged me for 41 years -- What was that number??

The flight took place on 25 June 1971. We took off from Dover at 1409Z and landed at Wright-Paterson AFB at 1623Z. We left the C-133 at Wright-Pat. We boarded a T-29 (tail number 91941), took off at 1659Z, and landed at Dover at 1900Z.

The flight crew consisted of Maj. Edward W. Venable (AC), Maj. Boyd G. Burd (CP), SSgt. Duane L. Acker (FE), and 1LT Paul R. Ogushwitz (NAV). Maj. Jeryl R. Krause signed the flight order as flight Ops Officer. Unusually, the flight order provides a call sign "MEL8" in item 6, where it would normally say "C133A". The flight order also gave a mission "S-8" in item 7, where it would normally say "Airlift". (If necessary, I can provide a copy of the flight order -- with SSANs blacked out.)

Somehow I had always thought that we flew 62008 that day, perhaps because 62008 is on display at the Air Force Museum at Wright-Pat. However, Air Force Museum personnel have offered me copious proof that 62008 was delivered by our squadron commander, Larry Doyle, and crew on 17 March 1971.

As I understand it, June 1971 was rather late in the game for the 133's. There must have been very few left at Dover. Apparently, most of them were flown to Davis-Monthan AFB and mothballed in March and April 1971. So, for all I know, this may have been the very last C-133 to be retired out of Dover. The 1st MAS was deactivated on 30 June 1971, just five days later.

I am asking for everyone's help in identifying the aircraft we flew that day. Do Air Force records still exist? Is there a way to contact the other crew members? What did the notation "S-8" signify on the flight order? Perhaps you can think of other ways to get that tail number.

Cal Taylor's wonderful book ("Remembering An Unsung Giant", chapter 22) contains a list of the aircraft by date they were retired. From that, I identified the possible tail numbers that were still flying in June 1971. Cal mentioned "aircraft data cards" to me -- does anyone have access to them?

Thank you very kindly for helping me learn that tail number. Best regards to all.

Paul "Gus" Ogushwitz, Navigator, C-133, 1MAS, Dover AFB, DE

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