Saturday, November 3, 2012

Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy

Thanks to a question from Gus Ogushwitz, Harry Heist provides the following report from Dover:


All is well. We were very fortunate compared to the surrounding States. All our airplanes, including the C-45 & Blue Canoe came through OK. The smaller ones were our concern.
Most of Delaware’s damage was to the south with dunes being breached and several roads flooded and a lot of beach sands about.

One gust of wind hit our house about 8 pm during the storm and I thought the roof was coming off. I have no idea its strength. The next morning’s check of the house showed no damage.

I think we all should be concerned with the changing weather patterns. They’ve been radical in Delaware in the past few years. I hear that the experts believe that one contributing cause of Sandy may be due to the warming of the ice cap—who knows.

We all thank you for your concern,


Harry E. Heist II
Air Mobility Command Museum

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