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WHAT: Diamond Anniversary of Dover C-133 Crew Colleagues (Air & Ground Crews!)

WHEN: FRI/SAT, 9/10 MAY 2014


The LAST, LAST HURRAH! The 60th Anniversary of the first contracts released to build this legendary aircraft! Exactly four years ago, on 7/8 May 2010, we had our last "big" reunion, billed as "The Last Hurrah." But we weren't finished yet! So in 2012, we had a "mini" reunion, attended mostly by colleagues living in the local Delaware area. Now we want to give it one last shot for a big one, and hope some of you from around the country can make it, AND BRING YOUR FAMILY MEMBERS!

Thank you for the great response to our survey about scheduling this momentous event! Hank Baker and his planning team are on the case, making plans. The good news is, they picked a date & reserved a place. The bad news is, they had to pick one weekend, and of course they went with the majority and appropriate space availability, but unfortunately there will be some who preferred June and can't make it. So we hope a large number of you can adjust your calendars to fit, and we'll make special efforts to keep those of you who can't, connected with the action.

Many details can now be planned, but the general idea is to have a similar event exactly four years after the last "big one" in 2010. And we really hope some of you around the country can make travel plans to fit. So we're excited about a Crew Meeting in the AMC Museum Hangar and buffet dinner Friday afternoon and evening. Free time Saturday morning for golfers and re-connectors to make your own plans. More casual gatherings in the Museum early afternoon Saturday, then a Reception in a Hospitality Suite at Dover Downs in the later afternoon, before a big Banquet Saturday evening.

These gatherings are a lot about the fellowship of reminiscing the old "war stories." One idea is to give YOU a chance to share your favorite "133 Story" at the Banquet. So be thinking about that…..and stay tuned to e-mail blasts and this blog at CargomasterRaster.

Please let me know questions & suggestions any time. And pass this around to your network to catch anyone who's not on my e-mail list, and make sure they let me know their contact info so I can add them!

Wishing you well,

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