Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Giant 133 Model Update

Hi Guys,

Just keeping in touch.

It's probably difficult to see any progress from these photos but I have been working on it. I have wing tip lights installed (operational).  Close to getting the landing and and vert fin lights installed. I have made 300 vortex generators  (see photo) and will install them after all the wing farings are installed. Finished up the nacelles with drain outlets,  installed the outboard nacelle LE lights and got the fuel dump tubes made.

While I'm waiting for parts for the lights I'll begin finishing the tail section.



NOTE: A visitor to the site has pointed out a website called "Premium Wood Designs" where you can buy a "hand-carved mahogany wood model" of a C-133, with an 18" wingspan, for $155.10. 

Click on:  

They also offer, literally, hundreds of other wood models of aircraft, helicopters, military vehicles, cars, truck, motorcycles, etc.....

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