Friday, March 7, 2014


Here is some very exciting news about the upcoming Reunion in Dover on May 9/10, 2014:

For those of you who have been following our blog the last couple of years, you know about George's major project to build this giant model…he's been working on it 5 years…..AND FOLKS, IT'S BUILT TO FLY with electric motors!!! IT IS AMAZING!!! Now I need to quickly add, he may not be able to fly it at our Reunion for lots of reasons, but he will be able to taxi it around the Museum area.

Here's the short story:

George lives in, and has spent most of his life in SE Michigan, born in 1942, joined the USAF in January, 1962; spent a year at Lackland in electronics training to become a Crypto System Equipment Repairman; then on operational assignment at Fuchu Air Station in Japan until separation in January, 1966 at Travis AFB; then 27 year career at Xerox back in Michigan until early retirement to raise a family of five kids, now with five grandkids, and became a "full time" airplane modeler.

I suggest you Google "George Maiorana" for lots of info and pictures of his modeling competition.

Here's his own story of his FLYING C-133 project that has now become 62008:

"Being stuck at home (in 2009) I was itching to do something different (i.e. not modeled before) and the only documentation I had for a model was the C-133. The C-133 met all my criteria for a model project. A few days spent on sizing it and I was sure it would fly (the determining factor was if the nacelle size to house the motors didn't make the model too large) . So I began. Time is cheap, as are the dollars for materials."

C-133 Model scale:  1:16.5  length 9.45'  wingspan 10.78'  tail height 2.92'  prop diameter 13.09”

He has already provided us with dozens of photos taken during the build process that have been posted on our blog. Now we have a CD with all of them that we'll be showing at the Reunion. Here's a small sample:

The size of this masterpiece, and detail are truly phenomenal! What a privilege for us to have George bring it to our Reunion.

Don't miss this!! Get your Registration forms (see attached) and checks in the mail………NOW!

Dick Hanson

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