Friday, February 29, 2008

Geriatric Air Force

Back on January 17th, we reported on a disturbing article from the Air Force Association: Our Tired Air Force.

Now click on the following article from CNN, Washington: Generals Warn of "Geriatric Air Force."

Thomas P. M. Barnett, global strategist says,

"I know Maj. Gen. Paul Selva and he's a very good guy. The conversation he's trying to make happen has to occur in stages. This is the first stage: getting people aware of the force structure train wreck built into the plans right now. Simply unsustainable. Everyone inside the USAF knows this, many on the Hill do, but it's not yet a publicly acknowledged reality, so that's the first step.

Once that's realized, then the next conversation begins. General Selva is a smart man who understands the big picture well. The people around him are also trying very hard to make good things happen, but you have to tread lightly when you're sporting only two stars."

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