Sunday, February 3, 2008

Don Coyle gone west

Don Coyle passed away at about 0545, 2 Feb 2008, in Turtle Creek, PA. His daughter , Colleen, passed on the information. He had been suffering from cancer for some time. His passing was quiet, though, after an evening of good conversation. Don served at Dover from 1958 to 1962. He became a standardization pilot and chief of the simulator. Among his experiences were a 1958 flight through a West Texas hail storm that nearly totaled 62009 and nearly 100 engine restarts between Goose and Prestwick, when water trapped in the fuel iced up the injectors.

I will be happy to pass on any messages to the family. Just send them to and I'll bounce them to Colleen.


Hans & Diane said...

Thanks very much, Cal, for keeping us tuned in. Sounds like Don carried some very "typical" C-133 stories with him.

Janelle Jacobs Eberly said...

Wow. It just amazes me. I am one of Don's grandchildren. I was googling my grandpa. These "C-133" men really were something.

Hans & Diane said...

Janelle, I'm delighted that you found our blog AND LEFT A COMMENT! THANK YOU! However, I would like to find out more about you and your grandfather. Coincidentally, my home is in MN, and I see you go to school in Brainerd. But I don't know how to contact you. Please e-mail me at