Saturday, January 26, 2008

C-133 Pilot & Author, Lou Martin

Lt. Col. Louis J. Martin, USAF Retired, was a 39th ATS pilot from '64-'70, with 4,700 hours in C-133s. His 22 years in the Air Force were only part of his extensive flying career, after which he's published two books on his adventures:

Wings Over Persia, in 253 pages, a visual aid map and 35 photos, is a pilot’s true story of intrigue and adventure of flying as a charter pilot in Iran during the overthrow of the Shah (1976 to 1979). The book (revised in 2007) was rated the best aviation writing for 2004 by the Minnesota Aviation Hall of Fame. Autographed copies are available for $17.00 (which includes S & H).

Close Encounters with the Pilot’s Grim Reaper, recounts exciting flying experiences and entertaining anecdotes experienced by the author and aviation colleagues. It includes a detailed description and historical background of aircraft like the T-6, C-82, C-54, C-119, T-33, F-100 and C-133 to name a few. The book (revised in 2008) in 503 pages and 80 photos, presents an interesting chronicled autobiographical account of a pilot who spent 22 years in the Air Force (including 169 combat hours in Vietnam), five years as a captain for Japan Airlines, three years as a charter pilot in Iran and 19 years as a FAA B-747 inspector pilot. Autographed copies are available for $25.00 (which includes S & H).

Send check to: Lt.Col. Louis J. Martin USAF (ret.), 13268 Huntington Ter., Apple Valley, MN. 55124. Tel: 952-891-1250 E-Mail:

Check out his bio and book reviews at: Close Encounters with the Pilot's Grim Reaper, and Wings over Persia.


firstfleet said...

I have read both books. They are excellent. Wings Over Persia gives a true life insight into the situations written about in some exciting historical fiction. Yet, Lou isn't writing fiction!

The Pilot's Grim Reaper is an excellent overview of the life of a young USAF pilot in that period between early Korean War and the heart of the Cold War. Flying many aircraft types all over the world, with a lady in several ports, facing some damned tight situations in the air, it all creates a fascinating story.

Anonymous said...

the author's most recent book "My Life" is his best book yet. I can relate to his experiences as a youth.