Thursday, January 17, 2008

Beautiful New Model

Thanks to Harry Heist, we have a great photo and description:

This picture of a C-133A model came from Chris Mikesh of Nostalgic Plastic, a model mail-order company. The kit is a Nostalgic Plastic 1/144 scale C-133A/B Cargomaster, available from the website. The resin kit contains markings for C-133A 54-0143 ‘State of Delaware’ , 1607th ATW (first C-133A at Dover); C-133A 56-2008, 1607th ATW, Dover AFB (record setting aircraft now at USAF Museum) and C-133B 59-0536, 1501st ATW, Travis AFB (now on display at AMC Museum).

Click on this related link to buy one: Anigrand C-133 Kit

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