Thursday, January 17, 2008

50,000 Names Carved in The Wall

Especially for those of us who've "been there," and/or have friends who never came home, this is powerful! Click on: 50,000 Names Carved in The Wall.


Marv Back said...

Is there a DVD of "50,000 names carved in the wall" with George Jones. How do I go about getting it if available? NOT a CD----it must be a DVD with the music. Need it for a couple military reunions. It's absolutely great.


Hans and Diane said...

Marv, I wish I could help. You didn't leave an e-mail address, so I can't get back to you directly. Plus, I'm not aware of a DVD you can purchase, nor how to download the video. It was originally posted on a website called on: where you can see a lot similar things he does (scroll down to the Patriotic section), but there's no indication how to contact him, or how to obtain a DVD. If you check back, please leave an e-mail address, and I'll let you know if I find a way to help. And thanks for checking our blog!

Lovey said...

You write very well.

sgtwho said...

Looks like the album "Stone Cold Country" by George Jones in 1997
contains the song.

Herb RVN 1965

sgtwho said...

Update. THe newest fond for this song is
"The Rock: Stone Cold Country"
released Oct. 2, 2001

RVN 65