Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Emer Procedures Tng Film

An email from Tim Elliot (, son-in-law of Maj. Tom Miller.

"He flew the C-133 for a number of years.

As it happens, he appeared in a 16 mm Air Force training film, and I'm trying to track down a copy for him.

What: 16 mm training film titled "Emergency Procedures for the C-133A"
Who: U.S. Air Force Photo Mapping Squadron, which at the time operated out of Orlando
Where: I hope you can tell me...
When: Filmed in 1961 or 1962 and distributed for some years thereafter "

Tim says he has had no luck in AF channels, so hopes a private party might be the key.

Anyone out there who might have or know where to find this or any other C-133 training film. Traditions has only a couple, just of the roll-out and arrival at Dover.

Cal Taylor

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Hans & Diane said...

Cal, in the next few days I plan to send out a couple e-mails to my list regarding our "Reunion Survey." I'll also highlight this post to see if we can help drum up some response.