Friday, June 6, 2008

Fuel Burn

For anyone out there who remembers performance figures:

Put on your engineer's cap for a minute and give me some round figures ( I figure you don't even need the Dash One Dash One to do this). The big ticket item to get N199AB from Anchorage to Travis is fuel.
The direct flight from Anchorage to Travis takes 6:55 at 250 knots. A route via overhead McChord required 7:13. Adding 1:30 for reserves, that gives a maximum of 8:43, so round off to 9:00 fuel required. Jet-A fuel is running about $6/gal. What is the burn rate for a flight at 10000 or 15000 (I don't know if they would choose to go pressurized or unpressurized. Would it save fuel to fly unpressurized? In any case, how much fuel would be needed to cover 9:00? What is the total cost?

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Cal Taylor

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firstfleet said...

First shot

One input, from the former C-133 project engineer, is a burn of 3,000 gal/hr, with the climb. Using that as a conservative figure, we need $162,000 to buy fuel for 9:00. Any other input?

Cal Taylor