Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Anigrand C-133 Kit

First of all, I don't get a cent from this. Just info for the crowd. Now a 1:72 resin cast C-133 model by Anigrand, for those who won't live long enough to finish a vacuform kit! That is a 30" wingspan. The markings are for 62008 at the NMUSAF, but a little work will give you lots of other choices. I've seen some shots of the moldings and they look pretty good. Rare-Plane Detective, in Las Vegas (favorite alternate for Travis C-133 drivers!) is getting the kit soon. Here is a link.
Just for other info, I sent Anigrand a package about the C-132. They seem to be looking at doing one in 1:144 scale, about 17" span.
Cal Taylor

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