Monday, November 21, 2011

C-133 DVD set

Just about done with the two-DVD set. One has about 1,700 still photos and illustrations. The entire 84th MAS scrapbook (146 pages) is included, at 200% scans. Every picture and ilustration from my book is there. Then, lots and lots of C-133 pictures that have been collected since 1998.
The video DVD has a 90-minute video of the last flight of 61999, from Anchorage to Travis. Lots of good sound of takeoff (twice) and landing (once). It will help you recall just how damned noisy the C-133 was, for maintenance and aircrew alike. I'm pretty satisfied with my first bit of video editing.
There will also be a short video (25 minutes) of an Alaska mission, flown about ten years ago. It carried big stuff to the North Slope.
For more info, check out the C-133 web site.
Things will be ready to ship by mid-December.
Cal Taylor

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