Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Beaver Tail & Other Info

Sandy Sandstrom contributed a Comment on the original Post which I've copy-and-pasted below so it would be more visible to anyone visiting this blog. He's also interested in doing some research with all our colleagues to obtain input on opinions and ideas about the "next reunion" (when, where, etc). So that's part of building a current address list (both snail mail and e-mail) so we can access our colleagues. There are many ways you can help, including passing along contact info. Please e-mail me (rehanson342@aol.com) or Sandy (ssandstrom813@comcast.net ). Here's his note:

We should be getting the C-133 Beaver tail shortly. It is being manufactured in N.J. and I understand they are close to finshed. When it arrives, the C-133 folks will attach it and then it will be as complete as we can make it. I do need the e-mail addresses and home addresses of all hands for the next reunion. We have a lot of volunteers to put it together but a lot of questions have to be answered.

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