Thursday, May 3, 2007

Take Off Time

Welcome to the launch of this experimental blog intended to be The C-133 Crew Connection! Who knows where this may lead? Maybe like some of the trips we all logged....NOWHERE! But, if it catches on, it could be a creative source of memories, entertainment, and maybe even enlightenment!

I'm fresh off our visit to the 2007 Dover Reunion. Seeing firsthand the result of all the work our colleagues put into the restoration of ol' B Model 0536 at the AMC Museum really made an impact (click on that underlined hyperlink to go to the website photos). Climbing those steps, walking past the recliner seats in the "lounge," and sitting in the Nav seat, with my frequent AC, Bob in the Left Seat, brought back another life from a distant past.......the 2,000+ hours boring through the sky, interrupted by moments of stark terror; the dozens of air bases and Military Clubs visited around the world; and all the off-duty hi-jinks with all the various crew members, especially when AOCP in some exotic land......Oh, the stories! I'm inspired to re-connect with more of you!

You're a bunch of clever guys, and I'm eager to invite your contributions to the CargomasterRaster:

Main Entry: ras.ter
Function: noun
Pronunciation: 'ras-t&r
Etymology: German, from Latin raster, rastrum rake, from radere to scrape: a scan pattern (as of the electron beam in a cathode-ray tube) in which an area is scanned from side to side in lines from top to bottom.

Sounds like a blog about C-133s to me! And it rhymes! And the CRT analogy certainly relates to the vintage of equipment we used. It was striking to me to see just how ancient that black equipment looked; and all those buttons! I must have known what they were all for at some point out of Nav school.

If any of you veteran crew members actually find this blog, I'm guessing you're probably not very experienced in the blogosphere. And you may be uncomfortable posting on a site available to the public, aka don't want your identity traceable. Well feel free to contribute with any pseudonym. Then you can click on My Profile and send me a direct e-mail to identify yourself privately. But please contribute.........ANYTHING relevant to your C-133 experience; stories, questions, answers, ideas, advice, whatever. It will only be as interesting as you help make it.

I'll continue to enhance it with links to other relevant websites, photos, or your ideas. And we can have a living resource to help us build to the next Reunion!


richardhuey said...

Sorry I couldn't attend. The C-133 look great. It is a bewautiful plane--visually. Porportioned like a wild goose.

ssandstrom813 said...

We should be getting the C-133 Beaver tail shortly. It is being mfg. in N.J. and I understand they are close to finshed. When it arrives, the C-133 folks will attach it and then it will be as complete as we can make it.

I do need the e-mail addresses and home addresses of all hands for the next reunion. We have a lot of volunteers to out it together but a lot of questions have to be answered. My e-mail:

Rick Spencer said...

C-133 members: I would like to introduce you to the author and futurist Thomas Barnett. He has written two books; "The Pentagon's New Map" and "Blueprint for Action". Barnett is considered the most influential defense intellectual writing these days and PNM is considered the most influential book of our time relating to the future role of the military.

He ties together the importance of combined security, economic, political, and cultural factors to create a new world paradigm to replace that of the cold war. And, that is what makes his writing so interesting to our group as we were all a part of the cold war. The world has changed and the role of the military has really changed.

To get you started I am listing a site that shows him giving his "brief" and I will follow that up with other sites every few days that depict his thinking.

His counter intuitive thinking is simply stunning and a jolt to those of our age. But, it is difficult to refute even when not in agreement. Gobalization has created a world tht has largely moved beyond us and belongs to our grandchildren. Give him a try if this peaks your interest. Here is
the site:

ssandstrom813 said...

OK Guy's,
The beavertail is here. We are going to attempt to install on Tuesday, July 31, 2007. When it is finished, it will be as complete as we can make it.

We also have to take the crew entrance door apart ant and put new cable on it as the cable presently being used is quite frayed. Also, some maintainance work to replace the decals needs to done. Most are peeling or very faded. We have some of them and will have to aquire the others. A little external paint will also need to be done. It's a never ending process to keep the old girl looking good. Any volunteers?

Chuck Rogers said...

I certainly enjoyed the reunion and want to thank all that set it up. I am willing to help out on the next one. Great to see "old" friends. Chuck & Arlys Rogers, 39th AC

Joe Foster said...

Two 1st ATS crews flew into Station NORD from Thule during May 1964. We were volunteers and had one C-133. I have a photo of me (co-pilot)the Aircraft Commander (Major???) and the 32 year old Dane who was the man in charge at NORD. I would like to forward a copy of the photo to you for historical purposes. Where do I send it. I am age 77 and live at Indio, CA (760-345-6348).